Questions before you invest

As an investor, you should ask yourself these 3 questions before you start investing.
Investment Horizon Risk AppetiteWhen you want to be Financial Freedom? Investment Horizon is the very first question you should ask yourself. The length of investment ties with your age. If an investor who is 62, his investment horizon will probably be 20 years. The type of investment he should choose is passive income investment to protect his capital and get dividend income for his daily expenses or allowances. If an investor who is 25, his investment horizon is 50 years or more. The type of investment he should begin with is investment with growth then follow by passive income investment once he had built up his pot of gold. Of course, if he is not a high risk taker and time is on his side, he could opt for passive income investment and let compounding do the work.

The second question you should ask is your risk appetite. What I mean by risk appetite? If your investment is too huge until y…

1Q 2017 Portfolio Update

Stock NameNo of SharesCurrent PriceTotal ValueM19000$2.17$19,530Sembcorp Industries4000$3.20$12,800
Capital Invested$30,965Current Market Value of Portfolio$32,330Total Dividend Collected 2017-Total Capital Gain 2017$1,372.03Total Investment Gain 2017$1,372.03

The 1Q of the year had been rewarding for me as I had made a realised capital gain of $1,372.03. The projected investment gain for my portfolio in 2017 is $2,250.43 and I had already achieved more than half the value. If I include the unrealised gain of the current market value of my portfolio gain of $1,365, the total investment gain would be $2,737 which had already surpassed my projected gain for 2017. Looks like this year will be a good year for me as I will be expecting more returns into my portfolio.

Last month, I received my performance bonus and was really happy that it is a good bonus among my peers. This bonus added up is equivalent to 30.8% of my annual income. With more income, I will be able to save more money and p…

Potential sale of M1

M1 biggest key shareholders Malaysian telecom firm Axiata Group (28.54%), Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (19.23%) and Singapore Press Holdings (13.38%) announced on 17 March that they are evaluating selling their combined stakes worth more than $1.14 billion. This triggered a sharp spike in M1 trading yesterday to a high at $2.19 per share, representing 7.88% increase before trading halt at 4:30pm.

M1 is the smallest telco among the 3 in Singapore. With the announcement of the 4th telco last year, share price of M1 had been dropping madly from a high of $4 to $2. I had been monitoring the situation since last year and decided to add more positions into M1. It was deeply undervalued and with a decent dividend of at least 6%, I am more than gladful to buy and wait for it to reach its fair value. As M1 is my biggest holding currently, I am looking forward to hear more good news and hopefully the sales will go through.

Welcome 2017 and New Year Resolution

Happy New Year everyone, a brand new start to the beginning. It's the time to pen down my thoughts on what I hope to achieve for the coming year.

1) To save at least S$10k in 2017
I did not manage to save S$10k for last year due to the commitment of raising our children. We had put them in a childcare from 8am to 7pm as both of us need to work. The childcare fees in Singapore is not cheap, costing about $1,200 per month for one children. Lucky, my elder daughter had gone to primary school, if not it will cost us $2,400 per month. Our mortgage loan was taken care of by CPF. According to Fed, there will be an increase of interest rate for 2 to 3 times this year, this will certainly impact on our mortgage repayment loan. We also had an outstanding of car loan to pay for another 2.5 years. During school holiday, we also bringing our children oversea for holidays, a typical Singaporean family lifestyle. In order to achieve this goal, first, my income has to increase and second, I must…

Review and Reflection for 2016

As the year is going to end in 4 days time, let's review and reflect what I had achieved for the year. First of all, let's look at my resolution for 2016 post here, whether I had accomplished or I can continue working on it for the coming new year.

First in the list is to actively writing on my blog by setting a target of 52 posts in a year. Including this post, I had published 51 posts which is short of 1 post. Quite a sense of achievement that I had made for this year as compared to only 11 posts in 2015 and 45 posts in 2014. Whether I will continue to write more for the next year, I believe I will still continue to write as long as I have the eager to write.

Second in the list is to save more than S$10k in 2016. For this, I had failed to achieve yet again. There is simply too many expenses that I had to spend on the family. A family vacation to the Japan and the failure to increase my active income, only 3% increment this year and no promotion. Stock Investment passive inco…

December 2016 Portfolio Update

Stock NameNo of SharesCurrent PriceTotal ValueFrasers Centrepoint Limited10000$1.545$15,450AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT3000$1.29$3,870Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust2000$0.915$1,830
Capital Invested$20,808Current Market Value of Portfolio$21,150Total Dividend Collected 2016$1,026.40Total Capital Gain 2016$1,339.09Total Investment Gain 2016$2,365.49
I hadn't been updating my blog for quite some time due to my hectic work schedule recently as I had been assigned to take on a higher role. But that does not stop me from monitoring the movement in the market.

This year had been a great year for me. I had made quite a far bit from trading as you can see I had a total capital gain of $1,339.09 as compared to a total dividend collected of $1,026.40 for the whole year. There are some misses and there are some great profits taken off the table before the price falls. The greatest miss I made is to sell my DBS too early, if not I will be rewarded handsomely. Key point taken from t…

FCL FY 15/16 Full Year Result Quick Summary

Frasers Centrepoint Limited posted their FY 15/16 Full Year earning report in summary below.
Revenue of $3,439.6 million, 3.4% lower than previous year PBIT of $938.2 million, 15.1% lower than previous yearProfit before tax of $960.3 million, 19.7% lower than previous yearAttributable Profit of $597.2 million, 22.6% lower than previous yearProfit for the year of $766.1 million, 24.3% lower than previous year The drop in revenue was mainly attributable to lower contributions from the group's development portfolio in Singapore, Australia and China. These declines were partially mitigated by the recognition of profits from North Park Residences and the completion of Twin Fountains (EC) project. Beside profit recognition from the property development, FCL also achieved healthy earnings from recurring income sources, which provided a strong and stable income base.

Property Development Key Highlights

FCL’s 80:20 joint venture with Keong Hong launched its 628 units Parc Life EC proj…